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Private Roleplay Guide and Search Empty Private Roleplay Guide and Search

Post  Mardigraskit on Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:02 pm

This is the section of roleplay that is not open to public. What I mean is, is that these roleplays can be invite only or just a few people. Such as 1x1s, or stuff of the sort.
If you have any questions, PM them to me or any of my mods and we will answer it immedietly. If the question is asked often, we shall list below in the lower area of this post. So check there before you ask, if you think it has been addressed before.

This thread is also a place for you to search for a partner.
I'd suggest listing what you'd like to roleplay, and your expecttations. But remember, only in PM's can you go above PG 13. You can check the rules if you'd like to verify what is allowed and what have you.

Good luck.
Happy roleplaying !

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