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Post  Mardigraskit on Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:44 pm

These rules are for everyone. No exeptions. A vialation of a rule can result in a permanent or temporary ban. Please read each of these carefully before you post or ask questions.

Treat other members respectfully:: If you have nothing nice to say, then perhaps say nothing at all. Any bullying or harassment of members will not be tolerated.

Please don't use bad language on the forum:: Please don't swear or use other offensive language on the forum. Even if you don't have a problem with using that language, it's not fair on other members who may find it offensive. Using curses sparingly in roleplay. Trust me, I understand. Characters overreact. I know.

Keep topic/image content kid-and-teen-friendly:: just imagine every other member is 10 years old and behave appropriately Wink

Spamming :: Keep spamming to a minimum. That is why we have a chat.[Though not yet..if anyone wants to make a chat for this site feel free to.] If your spamming continues, you will have an immdiette ban.

Post your roleplays and topics on the thread categories, please. They will be moved otherwise. Anywho.
Happy roleplaying.

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