Valen-talia Day~ v.1 [[The Irish-Norwegian]]

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Valen-talia Day~ v.1 [[The Irish-Norwegian]] Empty Valen-talia Day~ v.1 [[The Irish-Norwegian]]

Post  Mardigraskit on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:31 pm

Also known as the day we learned that Denmark, Morocco, and England do not know how to make love potions.
This is v.1 of Valentalia Day..
It'll be a few chapters long for this one, and even longer for the next one.'s a guide.
Morocco's human name- Soraphine Bonnefoy Bouchetat
South Ireland's human- Muavae/Mavae F.[Fairy] Kirkland
Denmark- Mathias
Norway- Lucas/Lukas
England- Arthur Kirkland
Austria- Roderich

Based on the MLP episode 'Hearts and Hooves Day'



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